Michigan's Lost Towns Cache Series
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The Michigan's Lost Towns Cache Series has now celebrated Twelve years of existence! This cache series was created to promote geocaching in towns that have little to nothing left. It has spread from the middle of the mitten to the Upper Peninsula and continues to expand!


Michigan's Lost Towns
A Michigan Cache Series
This page was last updated: June 19, 2016
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MLT Series Contributors
Owner: Radman Forever
Co - Owner: andonbray
Members: basswoodbend, sweetlife, aghudly, dutchgrandpa, team crayfish, cpparothead, Team Kalsin, SS D.S.K, W8TVl, Geocacher-enough, SleepyWeasel73, Geno and Shannie, Hosta Hillbillys, bluedinosaur, Redbeard 30-06, foxgallagher, Arrow--), The Ant Farm, LucyLee, Rattrak, Space Cadets, brummelbear, Punk7242,  Allenite, Allenites mom, Wooden Cyclist,  Pucketts
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